Ideas + Solutions = Reality

You have a dream. Something that speaks to you on a deeper level.

You have a concept. That spark of an idea. You have a vision. You know it’s worth exploring and turning into something with true value.

So many potentially amazing journeys end right here.

But why?

Because the reality of it can be daunting.

My talents lie in guiding you to realize those dreams, and bring those concepts to life.

Confession: I am not entrepreneurial. Never have been. I am not a visionary creator with a lot of big ideas, but I bring something legitimate to the table that not all entrepreneurs understand:

How to bring big ideas into being.

With a degree in Psychology, I have a deep fascination with how the human brain works. Especially human behavior and the creative process.

My approach is based on human centricity. It’s all about people.

Making connections on a level that draw out great ideas and nurture them to grow.

If you have a “big blue sky” vision, I can lasso it down and turn it into reality. When I see that vision with you, and understand the end goal, I can work back to the present and know how you get there.

Setting down a solid foundation for future success rooted in the result brings me great satisfaction.

Which is why I specialize in smaller, targeted projects. Whether it’s a…
✔️ Website
✔️ Mobile app
✔️ SaaS product
✔️ Product launch
✔️ Other creative endeavor

I can help establish a collaborative process and lead you through it.

Who I work with:
✔️ Startups
✔️ Solopreneurs and small businesses
✔️ Women- and minority-owned companies

Who I don’t work with:
❌ Large corporations
❌ Companies that lack diversity, equity, and inclusion
❌ Anyone focused on the bottom line over value
❌ Businesses that have their human equation upside down

I refuse to work with anyone whose values don’t align with mine.

But if you’re one of these other amazing people, feel free to reach out.

Doing what I do gives me the opportunity to work with so many different kinds of interesting people with a huge variety of ideas and concepts.

What’s yours? Let’s talk.