Birds-eye view from a Product Manager


Listening to the Imaginary People

I love figuring out what makes people tick. It’s a beautiful complement to being a Product Manager, and is something I do with every UX exercise I undertake. I like watching people interact with the people and things in their lives and seeing if I can divine why... read more

Master of Your Own Destiny

[If you missed the first Scrummerfall post, you can read it here.] Now that you’ve realized you are firmly ensconced in Scrummerfall, how to escape? Bad news: it could take a while, possibly way longer than you had hoped. Good news: you can help this along, too.... read more

The Worst of Both Worlds

Let me set the scene. You’ve joined a company that has expressed a desire to move to Agile. Or perhaps, they’ve already started the journey, but aren’t yet at full adoption. You assess the situation and find: the design/UX team is running around like... read more

Product Management Services

Strategic Planning
Analyze company or product placement against the marketplace. Identify areas for improvement and opportunities for advancement.
Training and Mentorship
Teaching teams how to improve throughput by harnessing the power of Agile methodologies, and facilitating Scrum adoption.
UX Design
No in-house designers? No problem! From wireframes to functional prototypes, you’re covered.
Requirements and Documentation
Specifications and documentation for all phases of a project, including: creative briefs, executive summaries, use cases, and focus group surveys.

Notable Clients

Connecting like-minded travelers, helping them travel anywhere, live like locals, and stay for free. Home Exchange has grown into a social network and one of the first businesses to adopt “collaborative consumption.”


  • Guided executive and development teams to Agile adoption
  • Managed geographically dispersed team
  • Overhauled site for mobile responsiveness
  • A/B testing for data-based decision making
IPC is the nation’s leading physician group focused on the delivery of hospital medicine and related facility-based services. IPC providers manage the care of patients in coordination with primary care physicians and specialists in over 1,100 facilities in 28 states across the U.S.


  • Redesigned billing software for desktop and mobile use
  • Managed development group in Ukraine
  • Prioritized feature sets and coordinated releases
  • Advised executives on organizational restructuring
OpenX creates highly efficient, high quality programmatic advertising markets that deliver optimal value to buyers and sellers and evolves rapidly to support the growth of the digital economy across screens and formats.


  • Trained new hires on Product Management techniques
  • Conducted Scrum training for Product and Project Managers
  • Acted as interim PM for high-profile project and got it back on track
Green Dot Corporation and Green Dot Network are focused exclusively on serving low and moderate income families with financial products and services, including prepaid cards, checking accounts and cash processing services distributed through a network of some 100,000 physical locations and digital channels.


  • Managed scoping, planning, and release of new major functionality (Walmart’s Rapid Reload)
  • Evaluated metrics to determine ROI and marketability
  • Monitored existing programs and identified areas for improvement


My path to becoming a Product Manager began with a Product Design major at Ohio State University, but paths have a weird way of curving. What started as Product Design became Psychology and Art History as I realized I liked design, but I liked what people thought about design more.

The creative side never left, but somewhere along the way my interests pulled me to technology and the web. I was drawn to become a Technical Product Manager (also a Certified Scrum Product Owner, for those who follow the Agile methodology) not only because I like to crawl around in people’s brains, but because I love bringing concepts into reality…and it doesn’t hurt that I look at almost everything under the lens of user experience. Now UX is less about how a product feels when held, and more about how that UX works with the UI to produce the desired behavior on a website. No matter the site or product at hand, my throughline has always been to create elegant solutions for the end user.

My heartbeat is this: simple, intuitive, efficient.

And I really don’t like the answer to ever be “because it’s always been done that way.”

Recent Testimonials

"It’s rare that you come across a true professional like Kerry. "Ridiculously disciplined" is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about working with her. These are qualities you want in a strong product manager.

Setting the vision for a company's core asset is always a very delicate task. Kerry had the thick skin and pragmatism to ensure our discussions didn't get bogged down. I was particularly impressed by Kerry’s ability to handle even the toughest projects—and effortlessly. I was always in awe of Kerry’s ability to get people on board with ideas—even people who were initially on completely different pages. These skills often takes a career to develop among product managers, but it seemed to come almost instinctively to her.

Kerry would be an asset to any team. She earns my highest recommendation."

- Jim Pickell, President at

"Kerry is everything you want in a outstanding Product Manager. She's bright, a great team leader, detail-oriented, understands the digital space and spectrum, leads results oriented meetings and fun to work with too! I highly recommend Kerry."

- Peter Anton, Marketing at

"I had the pleasure of working closely with Kerry on a Branding project. She was passionate, knowledgeable and very easy to work with. She brought great insight and ideas to the project and was instrumental in making the end product a success. I enjoy Kerry's professionalism and wit. I highly recommend Kerry in any capacity she is drawn to pursue. She is someone I would enjoy working more with in the future."

- Rhonda Conry, President at Conry Design

"I've had a pleasure of working closely with Kerry on many projects at She is a down to earth Product Manager and a great team leader. Kerry was great at managing a dislocated team in several different countries, enabling collaboration and open communication. She is organised, knows how to prioritise and is a natural facilitator. Kerry made my life easier on several occasions and helped me deliver work we were both proud of. I truly enjoyed working with her and I wholeheartedly recommend her."

- Mia Kos, User Experience Consultant at cxpartners

"I love working with Kerry! She is extremely organized, detailed, and well thought out. She always thinks of everything and makes it very easy to understand what she is looking for. She has a brilliant mind and can easily see both short term and big picture, always staying on top of trends and ease of use. She's also very direct, honest and funny -- a breath of fresh air! I'd jump on any project that Kerry is involved with."

- Julia Gomelsky, Artist, owner at Drawn for You