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Defined business plans, product strategies, and operational requirements for healthcare software and internal websites.

Redefined team operations to improve throughput and reduced time to market. Guided Product team in Agile/Scrum adoption.

Created B2B and B2C solutions for reloading prepaid cards. Evaluated metrics to determine ROI, and marketability of future products.

Designed scalable business management solution for e-commerce site with more than 1.5M MUV per week, inclusive of: CRM, ERP, and communications.

Conducted analyses to improve retention and acquisition. Improved operations by overhauling processes; reduced time to market by 15%.

Conceptualized interaction design and user experience for financial institution software to support expansion of online channel.

Produced a reusable library of code assets, workarounds and browser variants. Created a media console for a GRAMMYs webcast.

  • IPC – The Hospitalist Company
  • OpenX
  • Green Dot
  • Outlook Amusements
  • Luxury Link
  • Certegy
  • IBM


My path to becoming a Product Manager began with a Product Design major at Ohio State University, but paths have a weird way of curving. What started as Product Design became Psychology and Art History as I realized I liked design, but I liked what people thought about design more.

The creative side never left, but somewhere along the way my interests pulled me to technology and the web. I was drawn to become a Product Manager (also a Certified Scrum Product Owner, for those who follow the Agile methodology) not only because I like to crawl around in people's brains, but because I love bringing concepts into reality...and it doesn't hurt that I look at almost everything under the lens of user experience. Now UX is less about how a product feels when held, and more about how that UX works with the UI to produce the desired behavior on a website. No matter the site or product at hand, my throughline has always been to create elegant solutions for the end user.

My heartbeat is this: simple, intuitive, efficient.

And I really don't like the answer to ever be "because it's always been done that way."