Birds-eye view from a Product Manager


Analytics Pandemonium

The old saw goes, “A man with one watch always know the time. A man with two is never quite sure.” The same is especially true of analytics. Many moons ago, I worked for a company that had a homegrown analytics system that, while serviceable, was no longer... read more

One Step Backward (A Tale of Redemption)

Let’s say you’re given a feature request, and it’s from the person who signs your checks. You look at the request, only to find that it doesn’t complement the existing functionality and stands a greater-than-average chance of derailing your... read more

Embracing Your Inner Toddler

I have long maintained that the two must powerful words in a Product Manager’s arsenal are “no” and “why” — which also happen to be the two favorite words of most 3-year-olds. Before you dismiss them as overly simplistic, hear me... read more

Product Management Services

Strategic Planning
Analyze company or product placement against the marketplace. Identify areas for improvement and opportunities for advancement.
Training and Mentorship
Teaching teams how to improve throughput by harnessing the power of Agile methodologies, and facilitating Scrum adoption.
UX Design
No in-house designers? No problem! From wireframes to functional prototypes, you’re covered.
Requirements and Documentation
Specifications and documentation for all phases of a project, including: creative briefs, executive summaries, use cases, and focus group surveys.

Notable Clients

Connecting like-minded travelers, helping them travel anywhere, live like locals, and stay for free. Home Exchange has grown into a social network and one of the first businesses to adopt “collaborative consumption.”


  • Guided executive and development teams to Agile adoption
  • Managed geographically dispersed team
  • Overhauled site for mobile responsiveness
  • A/B testing for data-based decision making
IPC is the nation’s leading physician group focused on the delivery of hospital medicine and related facility-based services. IPC providers manage the care of patients in coordination with primary care physicians and specialists in over 1,100 facilities in 28 states across the U.S.


  • Redesigned billing software for desktop and mobile use
  • Managed development group in Ukraine
  • Prioritized feature sets and coordinated releases
  • Advised executives on organizational restructuring
OpenX creates highly efficient, high quality programmatic advertising markets that deliver optimal value to buyers and sellers and evolves rapidly to support the growth of the digital economy across screens and formats.


  • Trained new hires on Product Management techniques
  • Conducted Scrum training for Product and Project Managers
  • Acted as interim PM for high-profile project and got it back on track
Green Dot Corporation and Green Dot Network are focused exclusively on serving low and moderate income families with financial products and services, including prepaid cards, checking accounts and cash processing services distributed through a network of some 100,000 physical locations and digital channels.


  • Managed scoping, planning, and release of new major functionality (Walmart’s Rapid Reload)
  • Evaluated metrics to determine ROI and marketability
  • Monitored existing programs and identified areas for improvement


My path to becoming a Product Manager began with a Product Design major at Ohio State University, but paths have a weird way of curving. What started as Product Design became Psychology and Art History as I realized I liked design, but I liked what people thought about design more.

The creative side never left, but somewhere along the way my interests pulled me to technology and the web. I was drawn to become a Technical Product Manager (also a Certified Scrum Product Owner, for those who follow the Agile methodology) not only because I like to crawl around in people’s brains, but because I love bringing concepts into reality…and it doesn’t hurt that I look at almost everything under the lens of user experience. Now UX is less about how a product feels when held, and more about how that UX works with the UI to produce the desired behavior on a website. No matter the site or product at hand, my throughline has always been to create elegant solutions for the end user.

My heartbeat is this: simple, intuitive, efficient.

And I really don’t like the answer to ever be “because it’s always been done that way.”


Creative and tenacious, Kerry is a natural Product Manager. With superior attention to detail, she has demonstrated that she can delivery quality product on a tight timeline. Her analytical and communication skills are excellent. It was a pleasure working with Kerry at Outlook and I recommend her highly.
Me & Kerry has worked on many projects together, she is one of those very few Product persons that you can absolutely count on. She is that perfect person in the middle who can manage the stake holders expectation and builds trust with the Development team to get things done. Cut the crap, stay focused, communicate enough, prioritize what's most important, what can wait, down to earth attitude, complete team player, precision to perfection and timing, these are very rare qualities to be found in one person, trust me, Kerry is that person. She is very confident person who thinks independently and communicates very well with the owners & stakeholders, very diligent in her work, pays a lot of attention to the details while not losing sight of the bigger picture. I hope one day our paths will cross again and I will have the opportunity to work with her, I look forward to that day.
Kerry is by far the best Product Manager I've ever had the pleasure of working with. She's smart as a whip, forward thinking, and has a hawk's eye for detail. Kerry always meets deadlines and works extremely well with team members. She is passionate about her products and work which translates into great features and products that any company would be thrilled to launch. She will always be a welcome addition to my future projects.
It was always an absolute pleasure when Kerry and I worked on a project together. She has the unique ability to be able to stay focused and detail-oriented, while at the same time, see the larger picture. Any project in her hands was guaranteed to be managed effectively and efficiently. Her collaborative nature and down-to-earth attitude was a perfect fit in our Agile environment. I'm looking forward to the day when I can work with Kerry again.
I worked with Kerry at Green Dot and her straight-forward approach, creativity and sense of humor made it possible to cut through the red tape to deliver a successful product offering for our largest client. Kerry brings to the table equally strong business and technical skills which is a rare thing. I highly recommend Kerry and would work with her again in a second.
Kerry has been a fantastic resource for our company. She has great analytic skills, is personable, and professional. She gets the job done. I recommend Kerry very highly.
I was always relived to see Kerry in a meeting. She could always be counted on to have the most up to date information, and has a knack for being concise, clear and accurate. Kerry always took in all feedback, points of view...was able to compile it all and keep a project moving forward, even in the most challenging situations. Kerry is low key, even keel, and a pleasure to work with.
In my two years so far at Outlook Amusements, I've learned there are 3 go-to people for any history about the company. Kerry is one of them. She was involved in every major technical or web site design/functionality decision in the last 5.5 years, and she remembers everything. Even the owners have to ask Kerry to remind them why things are the way they are. Kerry is great to have on your team. She is incredibly creative, smart, energetic and very funny. She keeps things productive but also spirited and enjoyable. She is a whiz at technology as well as online user experience and even marketing strategy. We in marketing absolutely love working with her - we can count on her to think of all potential issues/exceptions and creative solutions, and keep us all on the same page. Any company would be lucky to have her.
Kerry was a key driver for the Agile transformation at OpenX. As a Product Manager Kerry helped drive User Story Writing Workshops and set the Scrum standards for Product. Kerry would definitely be a very good addition to any Product team.
Kerry and I worked very closely at Outlook Amusements for four years including a period when she reported to me. Her modus operandus is to minimize bullshit and to maximize efficiency; a combination that I find to be quite rare. Her cross functional background covering Product, Technology, and Marketing enables her to fully understand differing perspectives. She’s also someone who has the confidence and communication skills to meet directly with owners, executives and other stakeholders without handholding. I find Kerry to be a diligent product manager, a solid analyst, and an independent thinker who can take on increasing amounts of responsibility.
I love working with Kerry! She is extremely organized, detailed, and well thought out. She always thinks of everything and makes it very easy to understand what she is looking for. She has a brilliant mind and can easily see both short term and big picture, always staying on top of trends and ease of use. She's also very direct, honest and funny -- a breath of fresh air! I'd jump on any project that Kerry is involved with.
From a programmer's perspective it was a pleasure to work with Kerry because of her understanding of technical issues and her down-to-earth attitude. Project roadmaps were planned accurately and design expectations were realistic. I would happily work with Kerry again if given the opportunity.
I've had a pleasure of working closely with Kerry on many projects at She is a down to earth Product Manager and a great team leader. Kerry was great at managing a dislocated team in several different countries, enabling collaboration and open communication. She is organised, knows how to prioritise and is a natural facilitator. Kerry made my life easier on several occasions and helped me deliver work we were both proud of. I truly enjoyed working with her and I wholeheartedly recommend her.
Kerry was the Senior Manager of Product at GreenDot at a critical time as the Green Dot Network was preparing to launch a new product that would allow Network customers to swipe their prepaid cards at the register to load cash at Walmart and other key retailers. She played a key role for the Green Dot Network and worked hand-in-hand with our IT team members to scope the project, create the necessary phases for launch, and successfully launch the new Walmart Rapid Reload service with our reload partners. She also was instrumental at driving the creation of initial wire frames and user navigation solutions for the build of new web portals for our division. Kerry is incredibly eloquent and incredibly thoughtful in her approach to product management. She is grounded and works well in teams to achieve stated goals. Any team would be lucky to have such a solid player on board and I fully endorse her for future Product Management roles.
Kerry is a detailed oriented and extremely talented project manager and web designer. Her problem solving skills are second to none. She delivered large complex projects efficiently and on time. Her input during the concept phase consistently saved time and money for the company. She is a team player that I hope to have on my team again.